ALLPOWERS 28.5V100W solar panel
ALLPOWERS 28.5V100W solar panel
ALLPOWERS 28.5V100W solar panel
ALLPOWERS 28.5V100W solar panel

ALLPOWERS 28.5V100W solar panel 

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Product size (long x width x high) 52.7 x 66 x 1.5 centimeters
Maximum voltage 28.5 Volt (DC)

DC current: 3.5A
Maximum power 100 watt

About this item 
★ "The best solar panel for portable power supply Monster X" In addition, it can quickly supply large-capacity batteries such as the commercially available MAXOAK portable power supply, EF ECOFLOW DELTA portable power supply, and EENOUR portable power supply EB180 & S2000.

* Note: Since it has a 28.5V output, please check the input specifications of the portable power supply before purchasing.

★ "American imported cell, 22% solar high power generation efficiency" Made in a high-quality solar panel cell imported from the United States, it achieves a maximum exchange efficiency of 22% (usually about 15%). In addition, it is a 100% green energy solar panel that uses the energy of the sun to directly convert it into electricity and does not use any fuel like a generator.

★ "With MC4 port for quick charging up to 25A and angle adjustment stand for maximizing charging" Built-in MC4 output, up to 25A compared to conventional DC (up to 10A), no worries about the power outage. In addition, it is a solar panel that can maximize the charging effect by erecting the panel using the attached stand and adjusting it to the optimum angle (90 degrees) toward the sunlight.

★ "Lightweight, foldable and compact" ALLPOWERS Thin Solar Charger 100W is compact (52 x 66 x 1.5 cm), weighs only 2.6 kg, and is lighter than the same type of solar panel on the market, making it extremely convenient to carry. It is very useful not only for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and staying in the car but also for disasters such as earthquakes.

★ "IP66 waterproof and dustproof & excellent safety and durability" ALLPOWERS SP100 is made of IP66 waterproof and dustproof material, protected against jets from all directions, deteriorates slower than the same type of solar panel and has durability. It is outstanding. In addition, the product has been certified by international certifications such as FCC, RoHS, CE, etc., so you can use it safely and securely.

★ "Solar panel that can be connected in series/parallel" ALLPOWERS solar chargers can be used for series connection (voltage increase) or parallel connection (current increase) by using multiple solar chargers. 

★ "18-month warranty

★ package:

Solar panel 28.5V100W,

MC4 to Anderson cable,

instruction manual,