ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W
ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W
ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W
ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W
ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W
ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W
ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W

ALLPOWERS Solar Generator S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W+ SP033 Solar Panel 200W

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  • ☀️ALLPOWERS S2000 Portable Power Station supports to be charged by solar panel 200W in parallel. When fully charged, it can works as an emergency backup battery for most of electric vehicles to recharge for 1 hour and last for 15KM.


  • 【11 Devices Simultaneously output】: ALLPOWERS portable power station is equipped with a 1500wh battery pack. Solar generator features 4* AC outlets (PURE SINE WAVE, 2000W, peak 4000W), 2* USB-C ports, 4* USB-A ports, 1* car socket. Solar generator can charge your 11 devices at the same time.


  • 【MPPT 500W Max Solar Input】: With MPPT advanced technology, ALLPOWERS solar generator supports to be recharged via XT60 solar input and only needs 3 hours! Not only get solar power outside, The portable power battery also can get fully charged by AC wall outlet within 4 hours inside.


  • 【Huge Power to Output】: ALLPOWERS 200W portable solar panel kit is made from US, up to 22% efficiency and 1/3 lighter than the same power of solar silicon. ALLPOWERS 200W foldable solar panel is compatible with most portable power station on the market( MC-4 to Anderson / MC-4 to DC / MC-4 to XT60 cable included ).
  • 【Waterproof, Durable and foldable】: The foldable solar panel 200W constructed with durable and waterproof IP66 nylon and adjustable bracket. The outdoor foldable solar charger is FCC, RoHS, CE certified. Folded size only 25.6x20.3x2.4inch,13.9lb, 200W foldable solar charger can provide endless power for camping, outdoor, garden, motorhome, and caravan under the sun.
  • 【What You Can Get】: 1* ALLPOWERS portable power station 1500Wh, 1* ALLPOWERS 200W foldable solar panel, 1* AC Adapter, 1* MC-4 to XT60 cable, 1* user guide, 1* MC-4 to DC5.5x2.5mm cable, 1*MC-4 to Anderson cable, 1* MC-4 to alligator clip, 5 laptop and power station connectors, 18 months warranty and friendly customer service.






Phone Remote Control

Advanced APP experience, bluetooth technology provides stable and reliable remote control, making operation easier and more free.

Higher Wattage, Larger Capacity 2000 wattage output

1500Wh (405405 mAh) battery

4* 110V/60Hz AC outlets

2* TYPE-C ports(PD 5-20V,5A 100W max.)

4* USB ports( Quick Charge 3.0)

1* Car port

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The output waveform (pure sine wave) of ALLPOWERS is the same as the AC power waveform of mains power grid which helps electronics less wear, keeps sensitive devices running smoothly while the modified sine wave inverter tend to damage electronics.


ALLPOWERS 2000W Portable Power Station Specifications

Battery Capacity: 405405mAh 3.7V(1500Wh)

4*AC Output: Continuous: 2000W, Surged: 4000W

USB A Output: USB1/USB3:5V3.5A/9V2.5A/12V2A USB2/USB4:5V3.5A/9V2.5A/12V2A USB1+USB3/USB2+USB4:5V2.4A+5V2.4A

Car Output: 13V10A

USB C Output: 5-20V, 5A (PD100W Max)

Input: AC Input: 400W (100-240V) Solar Panel: 500W(12-70V, 7A max.) AC+Solar Input 900W

Working Temperature: -20〜45(℃)

Dimensions: 375×245×250mm/14.76×9.64×9.84in

Weight: 14.5KG


ALLPOWERS 200W Portable Solar Charger Specifications

Peak Power: 200W ± 5%

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.2V Short Circuit Current (IOC): 12 A

Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 18 V Maximum Power Current (Imp): 11A

Solar Energy Conversion Rate: 19%-22%

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃/ -4 ~140 ℉

All technical data at standard test condition: E=1000W/m² TC=25℃ AM=1.5

Size: 2230 x 650 mm(87.8 x 25.6 in) / 650 x 515 mm(25.6 x 20.3 in)

Weight: 6.3 kg / 13.9 lb

Back up Battery for Home and Outdoor

No matter where you are: at home during an electrical gremlin, in your backyard, at a work site, in the woods, or on a road trip.S2000 could be your back up.

Meet 99% Appliances needs

This ground-breaking S2000 powers all of your imaginable appliances, including hot plates, full-sized refrigerators, air conditioners, and more, with an enormous charging capacity of 1,500Wh. Everything about it is ideal, from taking your impressive family holidays to the next level to off-grid adventuring in the most inspiring settings. You have the ability to make it part.

Recharge From 0-100% in 1.6 Hours

Using XT60 solar input and MPPT advanced technology, an ALLPOWERS solar generator can be recharged in just 3 hours! The portable power battery can also be fully charged indoors in 4 hours using an AC cable . You can charge it up in less than 1.6 hours using dual 900W charging. You can also charge it using your car's 12V or 24V cigarette lighter.

Charge 11 Devices At Once.

The ALLPOWERS S2000 comes with a 1500Wh battery pack and has 4* AC outlets (PURE SINE WAVE, 2000W, peak 4000W), 2* PD 100W USB-C ports, 2* USB-A QC3.0 fast charge ports, 2* standard USB-A ports, and 1* Car socket.

Green Power,Green Life

You can connect multiple solar panels to charge the S2000, which can save bills and store backup power.

Specifications of ALLPOWERS S2000 Power Station

Model S2000 (ALLPOWERS 2000W Portable Power Station)
Battery Capacity 405405mAh (1500Wh)
4* AC Output Continuous: 2000W, Surged: 4000W
4* USB A Output USB1/USB3:5V3.5A/9V2.5A/12V2A USB2/USB4:5V3.5A/9V2.5A/12V2A USB1+USB3/USB2+USB4:5V2.4A+5V2.4A
2* USB C Output 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 5A PD 100W
1* Car Output 13V10A
AC Input 400W  (100V-240V)
Solar Input 500W (12-70 V, 18 A max.)
Dimensions 14.76×9.64×9.84in
Weight 14.5KG/31.96lbs



A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power devices that operate at less than 2000-Watt. Once exceeding, the S2000 will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

First, you need to know the watt of your load device, such as it is 500W.
AC output:
working time = 1500Wh * 0.85 / working power of the device.
1500Wh * 0.85 /500w=2.5 hours (rough calculated)

DC output:
working time =1500Wh * 0.90 / working power of the device.
1500Wh * 0.9 /500w=2.7 hours(rough calculated)

No, the product could not support change the battery or expanded battery capacity

The maximum input wattage of S2000 is 500W MPPT(18V-70V)
. Please choose a solar panel in this voltage could chooe ALLPOWERS 400W solar panels, multiple 200W solar panels or multiple 100W solar panels in series or in parallel.Please remember that use the solar panels within the range(18V-70V).If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

AC charging:400W, fully charged in 4-5 hours
Solar charging:500W, fully charged in 3-4 hours
AC charging+solar panel charging: 900W, fully charged 1.5h"

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