ALLPOWERS 2pcs 2.5W 5V/500mAh Mini DIY Solar Panel Charger Kit

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ALLPOWERS DIY solar panel is using solar panels to design solar powered appliance such as solar toys and solar displays, etc..

Specification Of DIY Solar Panel Charger Kit

  • Size:130mm*150mm
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Current: 500mAh
  • Power: 2.5W
  • Conversion Rate: 17%
  • Weight: 92g

Standard Configuration

1. Backing: PCB
2. Protective film: PE

Warm Tipsthe bubble on the panel will not affect its normal working, you can remove it, just like the plastic film on the phone


  • High-efficiency encapsulated solar panel, providing enough power for DIY
  • Solar panel kit with battery, power small motors or other loads; perfect devices for science project
  • Portable, compact & stylish size with solid attractive casing
  • UV treated surface and durable weatherproof PCB board

What's Included

  •  5V 500mAh 2.5W solar panels(2 solar panels, totally 5W), (Solar Cell Only)

Application Scene

Customer Reviews

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Jerry Texas
The principle item for an IoT mailbox monitor

This item was the perfect front-end power source for a battery-based IoT mailbox monitor. It is slightly oversized for my need, but that takes advantage of shade it must endure in the mornings. It produces a respectable amount of power even on a cloudy day, and commands respect by being sealed in a durable epoxy that has already survived a very strong storm front.