ALLPOWERS R4000: Energy Is Always With You

ALLPOWERS  R4000: Energy Is Always With You


What has happened in recent months has completely overturned the idea that there was energy in the collective imagination. In fact, rising costs have given it substance, uncertainties have given it volume, scarcity has made it a problem. However, this situation has also made it possible to develop a greater awareness of what energy is and represents, its importance in everyday life and the absolute centrality of ideas useful for conserving, managing and guaranteeing supply. Allpowers R4000 is exactly one of these ideas, among the highest profile ones in terms of what it is able to guarantee from every point of view. The important offer available in these hours is the right opportunity to jump on board, so all that remains is to explore all the details and understand why a tool of this type can change the way you think about energy and, above all, what what could happen in his absence.

Allpowers R4000: energy where you want, when you want

Allpowers R4000 is a portable Power Station, a real container of energy that allows you to get supplies where and how it is considered most convenient, to then exploit its capacity wherever it may be needed. A tool of great versatility, in short, capable of guaranteeing:

  • a large reserve of energy in the event of a blackout
  • supply even far from the traditional network
  • minimal, if any, acquisition costs


Allpowers R4000 is a real electric energy accumulator which, thanks to the wheels and handles supplied, can be taken wherever needed with great comfort. The capacity is very high:

  • 4000W AC (peak up to 6000W)
  • 3600Wh

To better understand these data you can read them through their application in real life. In fact, a fully charged Allpowers R4000 allows you to keep a 1000W drill on for 3 hours or a 1600W hair dryer for 2 hours: it is easy to imagine, therefore, how many times it can recharge smartphones and tablets at home, guaranteeing full and continuous operation even in absence of electricity from the grid. The UPS functions can also allow easy coverage of the power supply of a PC in the event of a blackout, activating in just 15ms in case of need and thus guaranteeing operational continuity always and in any case, regulating the incoming current and avoiding any possible shock electricity or any unexpected momentary interruptions. In short, a real UPS, but a UPS of excellence that goes well beyond the prerogatives of a traditional UPS.

These features and the very high capacity of the Power Station allow the R4000 to be an ideal solution in many situations. It can be useful en plein air for camping life or for a picnic away from any electrical outlet: a bottle to heat up, a light to turn on or an amplifier to keep on for mood music will never be a problem. It can be useful at home, bringing electricity wherever it is useful to replace the network (perhaps with a load of clean energy just captured by the sun's rays). It can be useful in the car or in a camper, thus being able to count on a charging source that is always available at any time. It can be useful for events or for mobility work, as it will not be one's position in space that precludes the possibility of using electric tools.


A glance at the multitude of connections available highlights an obvious fact: an R4000 could simultaneously power a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a series of ambient lights and a Bluetooth speaker, still leaving room for a coffee machine and who knows what else the imagination or the need of the moment might suggest.

If one wanted to further raise the bar, one enters a new and further dimension: the Allpowers R4000 devices, in fact, can also be connected in series to increase the available power up to a maximum of 21600Wh: a real own modular accumulator that looks at the entire home and not just at individual impromptu special needs.

As known, however, power and control must always go hand in hand: Allpowers has therefore provided a touchscreen on its flagship devices for visual control of the residual power, to obtain all the instantaneous load and absorption information and to allow you to check each wait with a few clicks. An app is also available which, via Bluetooth/Wifi connection, acts as an additional display for remote control. To further facilitate interactions, a voice assistant has also been included that can act as a simplified interface for those who do not immediately have a smartphone or for those who prefer this type of more direct method.

The complete absence of any type of noise allows you to adopt an R4000 in any circumstance: the high maneuverability allows you to manage it in any room and there is no disturbance it can cause even in the sleeping area or in rooms used for study or reading .

The guarantees of duration are also a guarantee of value: if one were to imagine making intensive daily use of it, Allpowers R4000 would project its life cycle up to the incredible duration of a decade and the use of the appropriate "Eco Mode" would do no more which extend the standby time (i.e. the ability to store charge even during inactivity phases) while minimizing damage to the batteries.

After 3500 load/unload cycles, 80% of the total capacity is still guaranteed, which allows the initial price to be amortized over many years, within which one can bask in the savings and conveniences that a similar Power Station has ability to make available.


This article is excerpted from Giacomo Dotta



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