ALLPOWERS SP035 Portable Monocrystalline Solar Panel 200W

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Feature Specification

  • Monocrystalline Solar Cells With Up to 24% Efficiency;
  • Long-lasting ETFE Coating;
  • Foldable & Portable;
  • Compatible with Most Solar Generators with Solar Connectors;
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ALLPOWERS 200W Foldable Solar Panel

It is a foldable and portable solar panel for most solar generators. With up to 24% high efficiency monocrystalline solar cell,you can get faster solar recharging under the full sun. Moreover, ALLPOWERS 200W portable solar panel performs better than similar rated polycrystalline solar panels in low-light conditions. It can be your reliable companion during you are going on a camping or travelling in a campervan, allowing you to get solar charge wherever and whenever you need.

ETFE Material & IP66 Waterproof

Made with advanced laminated technology and long-lasting ETFE material on the surface, Allpowers 200W foldable solar charger is more durable and scratch-resistant. It is IP66 water resistant that will protect from high pressure water jets from any direction.

Solar Charger with Solar Connector Output

Equipped with Solar Connector Output(25A max) and different size of connectors( Solar Connector to Anderson, Solar Connector to DC cable),compatible with most solar generator/portable power station on the market,such as ALLPOWERS s1500 and s2000,s2000 pro.

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Customer Reviews

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Tracy Santos
Best affordable Solar Panels

I have an EF 400W and sold it. It’s very heavy and huge! Then i bought 2 200W from Allpower on discounted price (no tax, and im from bay area) i was suprisingly surprised about the output. It’s giving me 320-370 on a good day which is the same with EF that i had. I highly recommend this product!

David Anderson
A little addition to my preps!

I needed a solar panel that had the right voltage for my Bluetti . This works great! I wouldn’t mind a few more watts, but maybe later I can add a second one.


CAVEAT EMPTOR: I ordered the SPO35 200W panels (OCV 23.5V) from,
but the SPO35 they shipped put out OCV 50.6V. The box said SPO35, the manual
said SPO35, I took it for the SPO35 I ordered, unfolded them in the sun,
plugged into a Bluetti EB3A and the excess voltage fried the MPPT solar input

The panels were returned (Plano, TX) but Chimon ([****])
refuses to cover the return shipping because they shipped a SPO35 and I
returned a SPO35, and rather than just ask the boys in Plano to take it out of
the box for confirmation, he entrenches. If it's not corrected the next
person it's shipped to will have the problem. Not a good biz model.

p.s. I don't find any panels on their web site that fit the specs for the
panels they shipped.

Jack Michaud
Lightweight and powerful!

I just went out with my electronic load (Jan 2024, North Carolina) on a sunny day and generated about 190W max! Given the season I was hoping to get at least 125W. Easy to carry with the handle and very happy with the power output. Hopefully it’s lasts.

Barbara Conkey

ALLPOWERS SP035 Portable Monocrystalline Solar Panel 200W