ALLPOWERS SP012 Panneau Solaire 100W

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Feature Specification

  • High Conversion Efficiency;
  • Foldable & Portable;
  • Durable & Splash-Proof;
  • Slim and Powerful;
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Peak Power


Solar Cell




Charging output

USB & DC5525

Dual output

94 * 94 * 1cm / 37 * 37 * 0.39in

Foldable & Portable

When folded, the portable and frame design is suitable for outdoor, indoor, travel, camping, and RV use and takes up no space. Eyeholes make it simple to attach a portable solar panel to a backpack while traveling.

Wide Compatibility

Equipped with the Dual USB Output, 100W solar panel is highly compatible with phones,ipads and other devices.You also could connect the ALLPOWERS S200/S300/S700 poratble power station.

Customer Reviews

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Eileen Niswander
Need more info

I just purchased the Sp-012 and am disappointed in the "user manual" that came with it. I really don't see any info on how to tell when the panels are charged. And, do you have to use the cabels provided in order to charge a device or can you use the regular cables that come with your device? Any help would be appreciated.

Good quality and impressive

Great product, folds neatly onto compact size, easy to use, plenty of attachments and works well. I have used it to charge both 500wh and 1000wh solar generators.


It feels good. I used a power bank of this brand a few years ago, but at that time I didn’t know if it was a technical reason or something. It looks very small, this is really important, mainly for bicycle riding, if it is the kind of common and large one, it can’t fit in the car at all, it can’t put this folded small bag, it feels like a small file folder That's very appropriate. One day when the sun was out in Chengdu, I tested it outside at 3:00 p.m., and it reached 45 watts at the highest. It may be that there is smog or the sky is opaque, so I think it can still reach or approach the theoretical value in summer, and I will make a follow-up review at that time. This solar panel can charge the mobile phone alone, and there are various adapters.


Does the job. Robust build. Needs a charge controller when hooked up to a 12V battery


This is a very good durable solar panel I got for my motorhome.
I now can trickle charge my batteries easily when boondocking, by just using the booster cables that come with it!