10 Camping Essentials For Your Off Grid Life (A Simple Checklist)

10 Camping Essentials For Your Off Grid Life (A Simple Checklist)

Before you go camping, there are lot of camping essentials to be prepared.

In this guide, I will share you the 10 camping essentials that will make your outdoor life better.

If you are preparing a happy camping trip and would like to enjoy the fun with nature, you are in the right place.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in:

 1. Knife

Camping Knife

In the wild, you will have to get some food to eat. A knife can help you get some food from the nature. For example, if you get some meat and you can chop it by knife, then fry it on fire in the outside.

To save your space, you’d rather choose a fold-able camping knife to save your space. And a knife is also a tool to get some food from the wild. For example, wild vegetables, fruit. And in the emergency case, your knife can be your weapon.

 2. Camping Tent

comping tent

A tent is a temporary tiny house for you in the wild. With a tent, you can live as if you are at home. In the tent, you can cook, sleep and get a shelter to stay in the sunshine, wind or even snow.  

There are different type of tents in the market, you’ll choose the waterproof and solid tent that can resist the wind, rain and sunshine, snow. And you will live in it for a period of time, cooking, sleeping, drinking, playing or even reading.

Portable and light weighted is the main features that you are focus on. So choose the one that meet your requirement and then you are set.

3. Compass

camping compass

Compass is your navigation during your trip, you’ll miss in the brush or in the mountain if you go without a compass.

A good compass should be accurate and sensitive. You will use it in the wild where there is no indicator.

 4. Sleeping Bags

camping sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are required especially in the bad weather. You can keep warm with the sleeping bags.

Good sleeping bags can avoid the wind, water from coming inside, and it is also light weighted and with comfortable materials.

If you would like to sleep comfortably, take your sleep bags and all the other essential appliance, and you will enjoy a good rest in the wild at night.

 5. Portable Power Generator

portable power station for camping

A portable power generator is the power backup that enable you charge your phone, lights and even rice cooker. You will live without a portable power generator since there are many devices that powered by electricity.

A multiple functions solar power station can often offer you more options to power different devices.

To meet the outdoor power demand, there are many portable power manufacturers who designed different specification of portable power pack to help people live a wonderful off gird life. One of the best portable power station is the ALLPOWERS S400 which is 372Wh portable solar generator.

There are 6 types of output ports on ALLPOWERS 372Wh power station as follows:

1 12V cigarette light socket port

Two 12v/15A DC output

3 fast-charging USB ports

1 Type-C output

Wireless charging

Two AC sockets.

And it supports 3 different recharging modes:

Charge by solar panels. If you go camping without a car or RV, then solar panels is your best recharging method. Although solar panels is the slowest recharging model since the maximum efficiency of solar panels is 21% in nowadays. But as you are living in off grid, solar panels are the best choice to get power from nature.

Charge by wall outlet. If you have an opportunity to approach the public electricity grid, the wall outlet is more helpful since it charges fast. The AC to DC charge is in high efficiency and few backup time. But for outdoor camping, the opportunity is very rare.

Charge by car. If you go camping with your car, you can also recharge your portable power station by your car. It is also DC to DC charge model, but if voltage is not compatible, you will have to charge through a controller.

For more portable power station, you can check the review here.

6. Solar Panel Charger

solar panel charger

Solar panel charger is a portable power bank that you can use it to power your phone or charge your portable power station. You can usually roll it up when you do not use it and get it spread out to absorb more sunshine and then convert it into electricity.

In the wild, portable solar panels are the most convenient for you, so a solar panels suitcase or solar panel charger will be a light weighted power generator for you.

ALLPOWERS fold-able solar panels and flexible solar panels are designed to match the portable power generator and the high efficiency solar panels are all collected in a small suitcase.

7. Water Filter

camping water filter

Water filter can filter out the clean water from wild. It helps you sort out the harm elements from the water such as dust, bacterial and so on.

You cannot live without water everyday, so a water filter is an essential tool that you need to avoid water shortage during your trip.

8. Fire Starter

fire starter for camping

Fire is the source that provide us heat like electricity. With the fire starter, you can not only burn to heat the food, but also get some heat from the burning in cold weather.

If you would like to enjoy cooked food in the wild, a fire starter is the key to make you move forward.

9. Comping Lantern

Camping Lantern

With camping lantern, you will not stay in the black any more at night. A rechargeable camping light will be a better choice for you since you should always back up your power for further use.

Fortunately, there are some camping lantern that were equipped with solar panels on the surface. Then you will have to put it under the sunshine in the day. But the down side is the charging is too slow since the solar panels are too small to get enough sunshine.

10. Water Bottle

camping water bottle

Water is the essential element for human beings. You do not know where you can get water during the camping journey. So always take a water bottle with you and fill it full with water. During your trip, when you find some water that can be filtered into drink water, then you should store some water for the further drinking.

Finial Thoughts

With the above 10 camping essentials, you will enjoy your trip more like living at home. List all the things that you usually use on a paper when it pop up in your mind. Then check if it is essential before packing. You will end with taking everything you need.

Now it turns to you:

Which camping essential do you think add to the list?

And what's the frequent use of item during your camping trip?

Please share your thoughts in the comment below.



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