How to Prepare For An Emergency?

How to Prepare For An Emergency?

This is the most comprehensive guide online.

So if you want to:

  • Survive in an emergency
  • Get ready for an unexpected disaster
  • Protect yourself when there is risk



Then you’ll love the strategies in today’s guide.

Let’s dive right in:


Figure Out A Plan

Before you go out, you will have to consider the potential emergency with your team members and prepare for all the potential solutions.

Pack An Emergency Kit

When it comes to emergency, people are vulnerable and it’s their nature to look for tools to protect themselves.

You may wondering what should be included in an emergency kit.

No worries.

Here is the deal:

First Aid Kit

For first aid package, there is some expert advice around.

Below is the advice from Red Cross, they recommend a first aid kit should include the following essential elements for a four member family:

2 absorbent compress dressings

25 adhesive bandages

1 adhesive cloth tape

5 antibiotic ointment packets 

5 antiseptic wipe packets

2 packets of aspirin

1 emergency blanket

1 breathing barrier

1 instant cold compress

2 pair of non-latex gloves

2 hydrocortisone ointment packets

1 3 in. gauze roll (roller) bandage

1 roller bandage (4 inches wide)

5 3 in. x 3 in. sterile gauze pads

5 sterile gauze pads (4 x 4 inches)

Oral thermometer

2 triangular bandages


Emergency First Aid Guide


These are all basic and helpful items that you would not hesitate to look for when you were in an emergency.

Portable Power Station

Portable power station is the power source for outdoor activities. You can live an off grid life with a portable power station.


A portable power station is a device that assembled with lithium battery, solar charge controller and different types of output ports.The output type usually including:

  • USB output
  • 5521 output
  • Car cigarette light outlet

In an emergency, a portable power station generate power to light the bulb, drive the cooker and even supply power to the ventilator.

Flashlight with Batteries

A flashlight with batteries is the light that can help you move around at night. A flashlight that with batteries can be charged by solar panel charger or portable power station.

Flashlight With Batteries

When it comes to an emergency, a flashlight can even used as the SOS signal and you may get others’ attention to protect yourself.

Solar Panel Charger

Solar panel charger is portable fold-able solar panel that can transfer solar energy into electricity. If you would like to charge your phone during your camping, hunting and hiking, solar panel charger is the best choice.

ALLPOWERS Solar Panel Charger

Almost all the solar panel chargers are compatible with most of the solar generators in the market. They are usually portable and light weighted, then you can take it around.

Water resistant is another advantage of solar panel charger,it adds the durability of solar charger and that extend the its life span.


Connector Cables

A connector cable is the bridge to connect your power source and your appliance. But one thing is that you should bring it with the match ports with you.

For example, the port for iPhone is different with the one for Samsung, even the output port can be USB, but the input port is much different.

If you bring portable power station with you, and charge it with solar panel, a MC4 to Anderson connector cable or MC4 to 5525 connector cable is needed. And for your appliance output, you will have to bring a cable with USB connector or a cable with 5521 connector with you.


How to Recover From An Emergency

After experiencing the emergency, you may be in scare.

But do not worry, confidence is the best medicine. Optimistic towards the obstacles you met in your life and keep up your life pace.

To recover from an emergency, you will have to do something that make you distracted.

Have A Party With Your Friends

Since you are alone during the emergency and your heart was tired from this , so join the party with your friends. Sharing your experience with your friends, eating, playing games and having a talking.


Most of the people do not feel shy in the front of their friends and you are acting as the same with what you thought.

Keep Up Your Journey After Having Rest

After having a period of rest, you should go back to your journey. And then you will familiar with your emergency status from time to time.

An experienced prepper often feel calm when meeting emergency or accident.So you have to become the experienced one and then you are set.

Bring More Self Defense Tools With You

With self defense tools, you will feel more brave. For example, you can get some food with your knife and you can even use it as your weapon when there is snake attack or any other wild animal attack.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, I have taught you what gear to prepare before an emergency and how to recover from it. Now it is your turn:

What will you bring with for a wild camping?

How will you deal with an emergency? Get help from others through the SOS signal from the flashlight or fight with your weapon?


Please share your thought in the comment below and I will reply every comment.


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