ALLPOWERS SF200 Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panel 200W

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ALLPOWERS SF200 Flexible Solar Panel

ALLPOWERS SF200 Flexible solar panel are made in Monocrystalline solar cells, whose conversion rate can reach 23%-25%. Honeycomb ETFE is used on the surface, and the unevenness forms refraction to collect sunlight from different angles. Coupled with the Solar Connector port with minimal loss, you can get more power at the same time. Great choice for RVs, roofs, campers, trailers, boats, cabins, sheds, tents, yachts.

Feature Specification

  • High Conversion Efficiency;
  • Light Weight & Extremely Flexible
  • IP68 waterproof ETFE Material,
  • Compatible With Most Solar Generators with Solar Connectors;
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Customer Reviews

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Two SF200 flexible, 5 and 6 months of use

Installed two flexible solar panels AllPowers SF200 on a bay boat T-top, one after another with one month difference. It was a good choice.
Use two chargers with them, one for a 12V circuit and another one for a 24V circuit, both with 2 batteries each of 100 Amps.
Those solar panels have a high efficiency, and living in Florida, plenty of sun, are keeping the batteries all time 100% charged and the boat, a 19 foot bay, capable to run on a Garmin Kraken trolling motor of 80 thrust all day long. On the water, the solar panels are charging the trolling motor batteries and it can run in same time.
The panels, I've installed on the 1" aluminium square tubing, across the t-top, having an air gap under, for ventilation.
I didn't feel any abnormal temperature on the panels anyway.
I just pay attention to give them a fresh water shower after getting back from the salty water and make a good wire connections at the beginning.

Jackie Nicely

In full sun, I can only get 50-60 watts so I'm kind of disappointed.


I received the goods very quickly. I tested it and found that the conversion rate of this solar panel can reach 180w. I like it very much.