ALLPOWERS R600 Portable Power Station 600W 299Wh LiFeP04 Battery

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Product Model:: R600-Black

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5-year Warranty


30-Day Money Back

Feature Specification

  • 600W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (1,200W surge);
  • 299Wh Capacity;
  • 400W Max. Fast Charging ;
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3500+ Life Cycles to 80%;
  • 8 Outputs for Charging Multiple Devices at once;
  • Smart Control & Monitor in ALLPOWERS App;
  • 220W Max. Solar Input;
  • Easy to Carry/ Fast Charging/ Safe & Reliable/ Cost-effective;
  • UPS Support;
  • US Plugs and Australia Plugs Sockets(Automatically deliver goods according to the standard socket used in the customer's local country, the customer does not need to choose);

  • Note 1:Product does not include car charger and solar panel cable. Purchase of power station and solar panel package includes solar cable and does not include car charger
  • Note 2:If you purchase a power station and solar panel combination product, the solar panels and power station will be shipped separately.
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Battery type


AC Input

400W max.

Solar Input

220W max.

Cigarette lighter Input    


2 * AC-Output

600W / 100-120V, Spitze 1200W

2 * USB-C Output

USB-C*2: 5/9/15V 3A, 20V 5A, 200W Max.

2 * USB-A Output

USB-A*2: 5V 3A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A, 36W Max.

*Note:Now the latest upgraded version of R600 has removed 2 DC output ports in order to eliminate more noise.

Power 8 Appliances Simultaneously

ALLPOWERS portable power station features 2* AC outlets (110V 600W, 1200W Peak), 2 * USB-C ports, 2* USB-A ports and , 1* car cigarette lighter (12V/10A) and a 15W wireless charger . With an output of up to 600W, ALLPOWERS R600 outdoor generator is specially designed for charging kettle, juice, laptops, car refrigerator, drone and other outdoor electronics, power your outdoor adventure without worry.

Recharge from 0-99% in 1 Hour

Fully recharge the portable power station with AC wall outlet in only 1 hour with ALLPOWERS fast charging technology, no bulky power brick, only a single cable to recharge R600 at most 400W max. Note: At present, some mobie phone may not be able to perform wireless charging due to the thickness of the camera.

Stay Connected with ALLPOWERS APP

The intuitive APP offers a truly convenient experience at your fingertips, giving you quicker access to R600 through Bluetooth within a radius of 5-10m and keeping it under your control around the clock.

Reliable UPS

R600 mini portable generator provides backup power instantly when the grid fails, protecting your desktop PC, file servers, and other sensitive devices from data loss or damage.

LiFeP04 Long-Life Battery

Equipped with LFP battery cells, use and recharge R600 more than 3500+ times before hitting 80%. That’s almost 10 years of regular use. R600 portable generator includes advanced BMS protection, monitoring voltage, current, and temperature to keep your LFP battery running for years.

Portable Power for A Sustainable Lifestyle

Designed to be more energy-efficient than traditional generators, ALLPOWERS R600 is so light in terms of weight, doing its part to help you reduce carbon emissions to the environment.

3 Ways to Recharge

Go for an off-grid living anytime from RV camping to wilderness exploration with no fear of losing power. ALLPOWERS R600 can be recharged in every way possible, either via AC, solar panels, car, leaving you only peace of mind on the road.


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Robert Sikorski
Good product

Power station arrived in working order, so far I really like all the functions. It works great with 100W solar panel, took about 3 hour to charge from 55% to 99%. Power station charges very fast from the outlet. My only issue was with delivery, solar panel arrived supper fast, however I had to wait for over a week for power station. Not a big deal, but email would of be nice to let me know that power station will arrive later. Anyway, I am happy with purchase.

Michael Smith
Quality Control should make sure...

It did not arrive with the solar charge core, the ac cord was with it.

Greg Hutchison
Great portable unit

Works perfect. Exactly what I wanted. Having trouble connecting to the app, but that's no big issue for me. First charge was by a 200w solar panel. Got to 77% in a few hours I guess, before bringing unit inside to top up via power plug. Great piece of gear.

Lisa Burch
So far so good!

I am using it as a back up UPS to my WIFI. It does charge within an hour as it came to me with no charge. The Bluetooth and App did not work for me, so that is why no 5 stars. Not sure if I received older version equipment.

Almacen Cuballama
Nice company

Excellent service very fast and professional