ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panels Review

allpowers flexible solar panels

With more and more people go to enjoy the RV and marine life, the demand of power in the outdoor is increasing year by year.

As we all know, people almost can not live with electricity in nowadays. You can not contact with your friends if your phone was powered off in the wild, your flashlight can not be used anymore if there is there is no electricity. You can not even get hot water without power backup.  

When you are living in RV life or marine life means you are living in off grid life,so you have to get power backup from the nature. With power backup, you can cook food,heat your water, charge your phones and power your lights in the night and power your RV battery. Flexible solar panels is the key to charge your power station with sunshine.

If you are looking for solar panels for RV, van or marine sailboats, ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels has the advantage to transfer solar energy into energy and store in your portable power station

P.S. If you are interested in ALLPOWERS portable power station, you can check the review article here.

Flexible solar panels can be bent to 30 degree to install and provide power in the rooftop, RV, boat, cabin, tent, hut or any other irregular surface. The way of the power supply is energy saving and environmental friendly, which is very suitable for outdoor workers, travelers and campers,etc..

How to Mount Flexible Solar Panels On RV?

To mount flexible solar panels on RV, you are going to follow the steps:

Step 1: Clean the RV roof surface with rubbing alcohol. A clean RV roof can avoid it gets rusty easily.

Step 2: Position solar panel holes over mount aligning the bolts through the grommets

Position the pre-drilling holes to the bolts and get it ready for the screws to hold the solar panels steady.

Step 3:Using a small grinder to create a notch on either side of the threaded end of the carriage bolt. In this way, the solar panels will be mounted on the bolts tightly.

How Long Do Flexible Solar Panels Last?

While most of the solar panels are usually as durable as about 20 years, the flexible solar panels tend to last for around 5 years. It means the work efficiency will decline after 5 years.

The thinner silicon , the less durable the flexible solar panels in the long run. To meet the bendable feature, the flexible solar panels are usually very thin. In result, the life span of flexible solar panels are not much longer.

What is The Best Flexible Solar Panels?

The working efficiency is the most important factor for solar panels. A good flexible solar panels  usually come with high working efficiency (energy conversation rate). The efficiency of the solar panels with modern technology is between 19%-22%.

The maximum curve degree is a special factor for flexible solar panels. If the bent degree is larger than the maximum curve degree, some flexible solar panels may be destroyed.

Lighted weighted solar panels is easy to carry and it is convenient to move when go out with a RV.

The solar panels with practical design is user friendly. It usually comes with pre-drilled holes on panels for fast mounting and securing.

Safe protection is one of the factor that affect the life span of the solar panels.The best flexible solar panels are usually equipped with short circuit and surge protection technology. In addition, the sealed and waterproof junction box ensure the solar panels work longer.

The plastic film is another protection to avoid the damage if the solar panels fell down.

Review ALLPOWERS 100W Flexible Solar Panels


ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panels Detailed Review

Here is the review of different features and functions of ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels:


Made with mono-crystalline solar panels, ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels has higher energy conversion efficiency which is up to 22%, it can capture more sunlight than conventional solar panels which is 15% or even lower.

It is specially designed for generating solar power into electricity and suitable for RV use and marine use.

Maximum Curve Degree

The larger of maximum curve degree, the more flexible the solar panels are. ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels can be curved to a maximum 30 degree arc, which makes it ideal for storage in tight spaces or crowded areas.

Multiple Specification Choice

Flexible solar panels usually comes in 50watt and 100watt. ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels comes in both 50watt and 100 watt for each type.

ALLPOWERS mono-crystalline solar panels has a higher conversion rate than that of EFTE semi-flexible solar panels. And mono-crystalline solar panels are more flexible as well.


Every safe protection aspects ensure the flexible solar panels last longer and more durable.ALLPOWERS considered every possible damage points and made some safe protection measures to ensure the life span.

ALLPOWERS equipped the sealed junction box to ensure the reliability of waterproof function. The thin film wrapped on the surface of ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels work as the same function of phone screen film to avoid the fragile of the solar panels when it falls down.


When go out for RV life, light weighted flexible solar panels can help you save more stress during the trip. ALLPOWERS solar panel packs 50W of power, but it only weighs a mere 2.6lbs, making it easier to transport, hang and install. 

Should I Buy ALLPOWERS Flexible Solar Panels?

If you are looking for comparably durable flexible solar panels for your RV life, ALLPOWERS mono-crystalline flexible solar panels is a good choice to meet your demand.

If you want to get high efficiency flexible solar panels with pre-drilled holes and sealed junction box with waterproof feature, ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels do all these for you on the production line.

ALLPOWERS’ durable solar cells combined together and the thin film wrapped on the surface ensure the solid quality of ALLPOWERS flexible solar panels. The high conversion rate help you convert more solar energy into electricity and thus make your power station get power backup faster.

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