Earth Day Giveaway

🌍 【Earth Day Giveaway】🌍

 To celebrate Earth Day, ALLPOWERS invites you to participate in an eco-friendly giveaway.

🌟 From April 17th to April 30th🎁

🏆 Prize: ALLPOWERS SP035 (2 winners)

📢 Ways to participate:
1️⃣ Follow us on our Facebook page (ALLPOWERS Direct), Instagram (allpowersdirect_official), or YouTube channel (ALLPOWERS);
2️⃣ Please answer the following question: how do you think solar energy can help protect the planet and save energy?

🎉 The winners will be announced after the event, so stay tuned to our official announcement.

⚠️Please note: This Giveaway is limited to non-island remote areas, thank you for your understanding.🥰