ALLPOWERS Car Cigarette Lighter Cable

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About this item

  • It is compatible with any mating 15/30/45A power pole connector.
  • The cable is made of heavy duty 16AWG copper wire. Very thick and durable.
  • Cable length: 1.5m/4.9ft, one end is terminated with 45A connector, the other end is DC5.5 male.
  • The cable is weatherproof and designed to withstand extreme heat and cold. It can last for long term use.
  • Package Contents: l DC Male Power Plug to Anderson Cable and friendly customer service

Customer Reviews

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Evelyn Bartley

This company isn't very clear about including a cigarette lighter charge cable when you purchase the 600w unit. It does show the Ac/DC connection which makes on thinks the DC cable to charge feombthe cigarette lighter is included. After I realized the unit has no cable port to charge from the cigarette lighter, I reached out to ask if I can charge the unit with the alligator clips straight from the battery. I recieved answer that said "yes I can". Just in case there was a misinterpretion I used and old dead power unit that I kep from the past. I try using the alegater clips to a car battery to charge the unit and it started smoking!!! Recently I messaged to show my disappointment to not including a cigarette lighter charger with the unit. The response was simply the 600w doesn't come with a cigarette lighter charger. Uuuum...yes, I figured that out already but again, it's misleading how the advertising is worded!
...I'm not the only one who agrees to this!! Many others have thought it meant there was a cigarette lighter charging cord included. I have moved pass this and the smoking , now, unusable uint that was destroyed and asked "is there a cigarette lighter cored I can purchase?" Again, I was sent wrong information! They sent me to a site with a cord that doesn't even fit this unit! There no way to plug it to plug it to this unit! It doesn't have the same charging port make up! This is very frustrating!!