ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charger Controller

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Allpowers solar charge controller comes with a display that can clearly indicate the status and data, it can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration, suitable for home, industrial, commercial, etc.

They were equipped with an industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessor to control the charger and discharge process and it has a reliable battery to charge and discharge period management


  • Automatically manage the working of solar panels and batteries in the solar system.
  • Overloading and short-circuit protection.
  • Build-in short-circuits protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection.
  • Protection from lightning strikes.
  • Prolong the battery life cycle and keep the load working well.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Suitable for a small solar energy system.


  • *Voltage: DC 12V/24V

    *Self-consuming: 10MA

    *Rated Charge Current: 20A

    *Rated Load Current: 20A

    *Over charge Protection: 14.4V/28.8V

    *Over charge Floating charge: 13.7V/27.4V

    *Charge recover voltage: 12.6V/25.2V

    *Over discharge Protection: 10.7V/21.4V

    *Over discharge Recover: 12.6V/25.2V

    *USB output: 5V/3A

    *Operating temperature: -35℃-60℃

    *Size:150 * 78 * 35mm / 5.9 * 3 * 1.4in

Common Q&A

Q: How to install it?

A: (1)Battery --->(2)Solar panels ---> (3)DC load

Q: Why does the LCD screen become blank?

A: When the battery voltage is too low, the controller will stop to output(≦ 8V, controller turns itself off, LCD is blank, ≦ 10.7V, 12V output ports are not available); after the solar panels charge, it will re-output when the battery will return to 12.6V.

Q: What battery type is this controller supported?

A:B01= OPEN B02= AGM B03= GEL. The regulator is only suitable for lead-acid batteries, not for nickel hydride, lithium, ions, or other batteries. Let the children keep far away from the storage battery and the controller.


<1> Wire Range: 26-12 AWG

<2> Make sure the voltage of your battery reaches 11V for initial use, so as to start up for the controller to registered the battery type accordingly.

<3> Old batteries may be degraded capacity after hundreds of cycles, easily dropping lower than 8V, which results in the controller will be shut off (LCD screen becoming totally “DEAD”).

<4> Indoor use only: the working temperature of this controller is -35°C to +60°C. During hot sunny days, the temperature outside might go up to 60-75°C. Please do keep the controller stay in a cool and well-ventilated place to maintain good heat dissipation

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