ALLPOWERS S2000 Portable Power Station 2000W 1500Wh

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Feature Specification

  • 1,500Wh,405405mAh Capacity;
  • 2000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,000W Surge);
  • Recharge from 0-100% in 1.6 Hours(AC+solar input);
  • Battery with 2,500+ Life Cycles to 80%;
  • Power 99% of Electrical Appliances;
  • 500W Max MPPT. Solar Input
  • Eco-friendly/Gas free/Cost-effective
  • Note 1:Product does not include car charger and solar panel cable. Purchase of power station and solar panel package includes solar cable and does not include car charger
  • Note 2:If you purchase a power station and solar panel combination product, the solar panels and power station will be shipped separately.
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1500Wh / 405405mAh

Battery Type

Ternary lithium battery







Back up Battery for Home and Outdoor

No matter where you are: at home during an electrical gremlin, in your backyard, at a work site, in the woods, or on a road trip.S2000 could be your back up.

Meet 99% Appliances Needs

This ground-breaking S2000 powers all of your imaginable appliances, including hot plates, full-sized refrigerators, air conditioners, and more, with an enormous charging capacity of 1,500Wh. Everything about it is ideal, from taking your impressive family holidays to the next level to off-grid adventuring in the most inspiring settings. You have the ability to make it part.

Five Ways to Recharge

From charging at home to more mobile solutions, we offer four ways to charge your S2000 : AC charging, car charging, solar charging, dual charging (AC+solar),Generator charging.Using XT60 solar input and MPPT advanced technology, an ALLPOWERS solar generator can be recharged in just 3 hours! The portable power battery can also be fully charged indoors in 4 hours using an AC cable . You can charge it up in less than 1.6 hours using dual 900W charging. You can also charge it using your car's 12V or 24V cigarette lighter.

Power 11 Appliances Simultaneously

The S2000 comes with a 1500Wh battery pack and has 4* AC outlets (PURE SINE WAVE, 2000W, peak 4000W), 2* PD 100W USB-C ports, 2* USB-A QC3.0 fast charge ports, 2* standard USB-A ports, and 1* Car socket.

Ultra-durable & Safe Power For Your Life

The S2000 Lithium battery offers 2,500+ life cycles and lasts for almost 10 years (one cycle per day), along with the advanced Battery Management System (BMS) integrated in S2000 monitors everything happening in this device, protecting your device from every potential risk in the day-to-day operations.

High Capacity Battery

You are always well prepared for any power outages with S2000. This is the best backup source for a power outage. It is quiet in operation and maintenance-free. Finally it can give you enough power to run your essential home appliances. Such as refrigerator, coffee maker, electric grill, electric saw etc

Green Power,Green Life

You can connect multiple solar panels to charge the S2000, which can save bills and store backup power.


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Useful power unit out

Fit for my purpose. Useful for outdoor.

Michael P

Brilliant product, very much as described. Set up and charged via mains upon arrival (as suggested), then used the next day, working from home, totally off the generator, all laptops , phones etc....

Robert Pavlič

Arrived in good time - separate generator and panel delivery as people have noted - don't worry. Stopped as the instructions said and charged up from the wall to 100%. Charged a few gadgets including laptop, phone, other backup batteries. Worked fine. App worked fine as well. Not much to it.

Service review...Quick delivery and quick response

Bought the S2000 with 400 watt solar panel. First, they ship seperate. I was not aware. I emailed customer service about missing panels, and got a quick response with a tracking number. The panels were delivered the next day. We will be testing this out this weekend while boondocking. I will update review based on use after this weekend.

Anna Webbink

After receiving the power supply, I tested it briefly. The workmanship is very good, the appearance is very high, and the charging is very fast. There is no problem driving several devices. The interface is very complete. Now that the outdoor power consumption is guaranteed, you can enjoy it to your heart's content. This power supply is also very cost-effective. 2000W high power is definitely enough